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Louisa is a container of multitudes. She likes people, places and things.

This blog is mostly used for her "Three Beautiful Things" journal - every night before bed, she records at least three pleasant things that happened during the day. They're not always about her cats. She occasionally writes slightly more substantial stuff too.

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31 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – good mackerel, water, Jupiter


1. I make a pate for lunch and we both remark it’s “good mackerel”.

2. The water pressure has been low all day but it still takes me a moment to realise that there is now no water coming from the tap. It’s jarring like a shoelace snapping. Over the rest of the afternoon, I feel both frustrated – sudden aware how much I randomly rinse my hands – and grateful that this is a very rare occurrence.

3. Night falls while I’m on the phone to my mum. Still too bright for stars, only one light shines in the eastern sky – I guess it’s Jupiter. A hundred miles away, my mum, and later my dad, look at it too. After we hang up, I use the binoculars to proof myself right – I see three moons, even though the living room window, with the lights on behind me.

30 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – clean green/visitors, flowers, ham/soup


1. I know the greenhouse is dirty but I’m still quite surprised by how much difference a couple of hours of cleaning makes – the glass sparkles in the sun.

1b. All the cats (ours and our neighbours) visit me while I’m working – possibly because I throw out some old catnip plants.

2. Spiked flowers on the Easter cactus in a vivid magenta.

3. Good ham always reminds me of being little, at my grandma and grandad’s house. This is good ham.

3b. Later, sinus-unclogging soup.

29 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – phrase, smoky, texture


1. I find the perfect phrase to sum up how I feel about my life at the moment.

2. The chewy smokiness of the aubergine.

3. The pattern is simple (both in theory and practise) but the variegated colour of the yarn packs it with texture anyway.

28 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – phew, paint it black/muted, oh


1. I fear – a dread fear that makes my blood run cold – that we’ve run out of brown sauce then I spot a new bottle at the back of the cupboard.

2. The brush is the same width as the frame. The paint goes on smoothly – much better than expected – though I only realise after two coats that it’s a metallic black. A top coat of matte black dampens and deepens everything to a thorough evenness.

2b. I got the bright colours to make it the picture pop but, actually, it’s the muted grey-purple that works best.

3. Oh the lamb chops. Oh the samosa chaat.

27 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – muffin, waddling dog, in the dark with company


1. The slight sourness of the muffin.

2. The dog waddles over to us to say hello. Early on, I offer him a treat and I spend the rest of the afternoon with an expectant friend.

3. Stretched out in the dark to watching old Game of Thrones episodes. Once we pull over the footstool, Strange and Kaufman take their places alongside us.

26 March 2016 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – Thai cafe/cheap, fat strings, stoned into playfulness/long


1. He wants to make sure we get what we’ll like rather than what we think we want. Though it is made fresh for us, the food arrives in less time than it took us to decide on it.

1b. We both gasp at the price of parking – we can’t believe it’s so cheap.

2. While John makes his way through the wall of ukeleles, I giggle at the size of the nylon strings on the bass ukes. They look like foam, or thick spaghetti.

3. I don’t think I’ll get to meet the new cat at all but the second time I go in – after leaving a catnip soaked toy in the room the first time – he runs over to me at a full sprint, gnaws my hand and purrs loudly.

3b. The game goes on longer than it should but it’s good fun all the way.