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Louisa Parry Hi, I'm Louisa and this is my personal blog. I blog about recycling things at How Can I Recycle This?, about simple/DIY living at The Really Good Life and silly drama games at We Heart Drama. Consequently, having used up all my good ideas elsewhere, this blog is just fluff and nonsense about my cats/dog and whatnot. Most notably here, I write up my "Three Beautiful Things" - every night before bed, I record at least three pleasant things that happened during the day.

18 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – deliveries, clouds/rows/grey cat, first harvest


1. The deliveries come in a glut. We laugh each time the doorbell rings and Lily, who can just about hear the doorbell frequency, is desperate to be a part of things. The next time the doorbell rings, I hand her a package and she races downstairs with it in her mouth, proudly delivering it to John.

2. The clouds part just as I plan to go to the allotment.

2b. Pleasing rows for the leeks, and without counting, I make exactly the right amount of seedling holes.

2c. The sleek grey cat stalks around the plots, keeping an eye on his territory. When I’m leaving, I kneel to say hello but he stays at a distance: he’s a furry man on a mission.

3. Dinner has more of a round flavour than I thought it would – and includes tiny amounts of two crops harvested from the allotment. (Sugar snap peas and oregano.)

17 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – detail, handshake, blackbird/better/full


1. I enjoy tonguing an interesting memory and recall a funny detail I hadn’t thought about for quite some time.

2. John and I bump into each other when he’s on the way back from the barbers and I’m on the way to the allotment. We end our conversation with a sincere handshake.

3a. Mr Blackbird, our resident feathered friend, sees I’m digging. He has a bath in the upturned lid of the next plot’s waterbutt while he waits for me to finish: he’ll clear the bed of worms while I’m doing something else.

3b. The back bed has better soil than I’d thought so I take the opportunity to sow two rows of purple carrots in between where my bean frame will stand.

3c. I fill the last of the bed space (and greenhouse space) at the second plot. From here on in, it’s just weeding, pest control, and harvesting.

16 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – curved, loop/fascinating, watching/biting Wispa bites


1. Kaufman sits on my chest, his paws beautifully curved around on themselves, while I wake up.

2. A loop in the woods I haven’t walked for a while.

2b. A non-traditionally beautiful thing: a young badger sadly died near the path a few weeks ago. Watching it decompose as been gross but fascinating. It’s currently mostly just fur.

3. John’s new toy (a tiny quadcopter) has a small camera on it so we can watch as it whips around the gardens. Then the battery suddenly dies and it falls from the sky. We try to identify where it is by the plant leaves still visible on the screen – then a curious cat appears on screen too. By the time we get onto the balcony, three cats are stalking the fallen prey.

3b. Biting the Wispa Bits in half. The chocolate gives better than Dairy Milk but not as pointlessly freely as something like Aero.

15 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – waking, underneath/bees/yay!, frozen soup


1. We both sleep badly so waking is a slow process. I lean down to hug Lily: she is soft and warm.

2. The soil’s surface is grey and dry but underneath it’s a rich warm brown.

2b. Bees all over the broad beans at the plot = Broad Bees. Bees all over the raspberries at home = Raspbees.

2c. She thinks she sees him but doesn’t really react, just in case. When she definitely sees him, she runs up and down the path with excitement.

3. Hearty, spicy, flavour-packed soup from the freezer – John suggests a good option for an easy dinner.

14 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – pyjamasaurus, climb/calm, test


1. Cute new pyjamas for a day of lounging.

2. Z absently climbs all over John as he tells us what he’s been up to recently.

2b. The calm after the storm. Lily immediately falls asleep.

3. The yarn is a little too thick for what I want right now but the idea is sound: I’ll return to it another time.

13 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – chest cat, leather/win win win, relaxed/arrival/platter/keep it going/sweets


1. Kaufman sits on my chest for tickles then transfers to John for chin/head scratching.

2. The smell of leather at the bag display.

2b. I don’t have to wait long for the bus, I get a seat and it’s not sweltering.

3. S and O suggest we get take out rather than going around the corner to the restaurant. This marks the start of a very pleasurable, relaxing evening.

3b. O and I order Chinese for one place and John and S order curry from another – but both orders arrive within seconds of each other.

3c. A platter of dishes: O and I have a great selection to work through. John and S note we’re still eating long, long after they’ve finished – and we don’t even get around to the main course. It’s all delicious.

3d. The game is frustrating and drags on a bit but our jokes keep it enjoyable.

3e. Choco bons and Fruitella Crunchies.