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Louisa Parry Hi, I'm Louisa and this is my personal blog. I blog about recycling things at How Can I Recycle This?, about simple/DIY living at The Really Good Life and silly drama games at We Heart Drama. Consequently, having used up all my good ideas elsewhere, this blog is just fluff and nonsense about my cats/dog and whatnot. Most notably here, I write up my "Three Beautiful Things" - every night before bed, I record at least three pleasant things that happened during the day.

30 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – teamwork, settled, boxes and boxes


1. Teamwork produces a leftover sausage and roast veg omelette for lunch: delicious.

2. When my little men kill the computer’s little men.

3. More drawing: boxes and boxes filled with evolving designs. This is how I’ll find my voice.

29 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – short break, warm spot, soggy and muddy/moment, drawing


1. We take a short break to hoover (John) and hang out some laundry (me), and those ten minutes make the house look ten times neater.

2. My feet seek out a warm spot on or under John. It really does feel like my feet are in charge of finding a space, though they need my mouth to ask him to move his hard wallet so they can curl around his thigh.

3. John remarks that he hasn’t been in the horses’ field for months, because it’s “soggy and muddy”. Out of the corner of my eye – and too late to stop it, I see Lily settling down in a boggy bit of a sometimes stream: “speaking of soggy and muddy…” I say. It gives us the excuse to walk home along the beck path. Two becks in two days – Lily is in heaven. She dashes in and out of the water, washing off the gathered mud.

3b. I have a strange moment at the bottom of Wood Hill: it’s so familiar to me but feels distant because I haven’t stood there for some time. It feels like I’m in a film, in a memory.

4. I’ve taken to drawing while we re-watch the last season of Game of Thrones. I combine my ongoing ideas with inspiration taken primarily from the show’s window screens (which I’ve long wanted to turn into blackwork embroidery patterns) and other light/dark building features, then develop the patterns and forms through repetition. It’s producing surprisingly pleasing results.

28 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – immature, leap/unflustered/quietness, inked


1. A piece of immature graffiti amuses us immensely.

2. She makes an interesting mental leap that tells me that she understands – or at least is going in the right way towards it.

2b. The ducks are strangely unflustered by the noisy children and the dog dunking herself in the stream.

2c. Quietness.

3. The transformation of a pencil sketch as soon as the lines are inked.

27 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – dance/visitor, fat leaves, lighter


1. We dance to the bemusement of the dog. Eventually she joins in by doing a few stretches and yawns.

1b. Lily runs back and forth with utter delight when R comes to visit her.

2. The courgette and cucumber seedlings always look so healthy and strong. Big fat baby leaves.

3. The evenings getting lighter – and they’ll get lighter still after the clocks change at the weekend.

26 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – here!, young pup, cats, loving it


1. We pass the leaflets back and forth, enjoying a bit.

2. The young pup runs everywhere at once – thankfully too distracted to bother our old dog.

3. Strange stretches out on my desk in the lamp light then Kaufman joins her. Tilda squeaks to be let into the room and bounces in with delight when the door opens.

4. Lily has been solidly asleep for the previous hour so it takes a few seconds for her tail to wake up but when it does, it wags at double speed. He nuzzles her and she tries to pretend that she’s not loving it.

25 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – talk, growth/relaxed, very little


1. To know John’s talk has gone well – and later, to get him back earlier than I expected.

2. Strong shoots poking up. Buds starting on the new fruit bushes. Some cleavers for Lily to eat.

2b. Lily seems more relaxed at the allotment than her previous visits. She watches the adjacent humans and comes to sit with me whenever I pause in thought.

3. We curl up together on the sofa and achieve very little.