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Louisa Parry Hi, I'm Louisa and this is my personal blog. I blog about recycling things at How Can I Recycle This?, about simple/DIY living at The Really Good Life and silly drama games at We Heart Drama. Consequently, having used up all my good ideas elsewhere, this blog is just fluff and nonsense about my cats/dog and whatnot.

14 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – clears up/pods/new day, moulting, goulash, mossy


1. It’s grey and drizzling as I set out for the allotment but it clears up by the time I’m ready to dig. The ground is still largely dry and the soil moves easily.

1b. It takes longer to harvest the mange tout than I thought it would: there are plenty of pods amongst the leaves.

1c. A shower makes me feel like it’s the start of a new day: a new day to do fun things.

2. As always, it’s painful to look at the moulting hen – her regrowing feathers look like pins or quills and her puckered skin underneath looks like a sorry chicken on a supermarket shelf – but she clucks around unperturbed and the feathers that have come through are a fluffy red.

3. Inspired by some bargainacious reduced-to-clear peppers, I make goulash for dinner – it’s delicious and saucy.

4. The incongruous colours become a lovely mottled mossy green.

13 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – (recover), emulsion, push/production/bright, ramen


0. Lily had another of her “drunk”/episodes last night and still wasn’t right when we went to sleep. By this morning though, her neurological wobble had fixed itself and all her legs move on command again. Phew.

1. A perfect oil/vinegar emulsion.

2. To push myself on the wheel – but to feel in control while doing so.

2b. To improve my consistency, I aim to make four bowls as similar as possible, from a preset design. One is slightly narrower than the others but otherwise I met my goal – with many little tricks learnt along the way.

2c. The fresh bright light from the new strip light – just what is needed on a dull afternoon. (Thanks John!)

3. We make chilli beef ramen soup for dinner – John cooks the steak and I do the rest. Amongst other things to add as we eat, we have lime segments on the side and my hands smell of lime juice for the rest of the evening.

12 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – low/efficient, beck/buddies/view/organic, cheesecake, colours/rolag


1. The clouds are so low that they hide the hills in the distance – Yeadon, Rawdon and thereabouts. Above them, the sky is blue, but the tops of the hills are hidden from us.

1b. Ninja-ing around Ikea makes me feel efficient and nimble (and makes me fractionally less susceptible to buying nonsense).

2. Lily hasn’t sat in her beck in some time – as soon as we get close, she runs ahead and makes herself a watery nest.

2b. The two dogs walk together, sniffing the ground as they go.

2c. Now that the factory has been demolished, we’re all more inclined to stare across the valley. R points out that we can see Ilkley Moor in the distance – we’re dubious until we move to the corner and can see the ubiquitous purple. Later, we stop in another spot – somewhere we’re passed a thousand times but never stopped to look: we can see more of the Moor, and can see how the river cuts its way around various hills.

2d. Like our chats with our friends P and T, I imagine our conversations as delicate organic structures, with countless branches, branches upon branches, and interlinking bridges and callbacks. (I want to use this idea for a piece of fibre art someday.)

3. The cheesecake is divine.

4. The colours on the bobbin – the crisp vibrant pure ones and the muddier ones taking the yarn from one colour to the next.

4b. When the rolag releases the fibres evenly without effort: I just pull smoothly and yarn appears.

11 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – sleep-in, cats on our walk, new technique


1. I had gone to bed delighted at the prospect of a proper lie-in – a delivery disturbs us before I want to wake up and then the sun is annoyingly bright, but I manage to get back to sleep eventually.

2. We see lots of cats on our walk. The first is sat on a fence on the main road – she looks a lot like my beloved old Carla and it makes me miss my lady terribly. The second, my fluffy allotment friend, is chased up a tree by some passing dogs – not Lily but the kitty waits there until she sees us leaving the area anyway. The third, a little ginger kitty, is stalking scents around the garage’s yard and the fourth is sat on the wall, enjoying the quietness of the school playground.

3. I can’t work out how to make my fingers do something (navajo/chain ply yarn) but then, almost by themselves, they seem to get the knack. Like when I was first learning to spin on the wheel, I go through patches of being able to do it perfectly then losing it but I know in time it’ll come – and it’ll probably come all the quicker if I don’t think about it too much: I should trust my fingers.

10 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – altered/fa-doiiiink/EVERYWHERE, crumpets, experiment


1. I try a new style of foot for one of my bowls and it turns out brilliantly. I also rework another of the bowls from the other day: getting rid of its messy experimental rim and altering it cleanly instead.

1b. The metal scraper fa-doiiinks in pleasant way when I waft it around, so I waft it around some more.

1c. The handle slips and the lid flips open: liquid glaze goes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I spend the next half hour cleaning it up but, as I say to people passing, at least it’s not paint. I do like how clay, decorative slips and glazes are surprisingly easy to clean up.

2. Crumpets with jam is just the perfect snack at tea time.

3. An experiment: a purple-grey yarn shot through with streaks of mustard, cerise and aubergine. Even if this yarn doesn’t work out, I’ll use those colours again.

09 October 2014 ~ 0 Comments

3BT – chase, do you have sheep?/nerd out/doodlebots/city/giddy, driving


1. I watch squirrels chasing and racing each other around an old massive tree. When they see me, they freeze like garden ornaments: one mid-climb on the bark, the other on a branch as if it is nibbling a nut.

2. I think I recognise someone in the queue for coffee and it turns out that the someone thinks she recognises me too. Her brother vaguely knows John so they come over and in attempting to ascertain her identity, I ask a do-or-die/yes-or-I-will-seem-super-weird question: “do you have sheep?” For once, I was not (just being) super weird.

2b. We all nerd out in our own special ways.

2c. John first met the doodlebots after his talk the other month but I had to wait until this evening. I over-engineer mine (just like John had done) and it fails but soon it’s up and running, and drawing lines all over the paper.

2d. We’ve been too focused on the activies in the atrium that we don’t notice the giant picture windows are giving us a panaromic view of the city centre: the old buildings lit up beautifully against the black sky. (And the not-so-nice bits hidden in the darkness.)

2e. The staff get giddy as the night goes on – a combination of having fun and being tired. The doodlebot wrangler has given all the little entities personalities and the women looking after the Lego theme park start making the minifigs do rude things in the bushes, and together we place a realistic addition underneath a spinning ride (a minifig spewing Lego vomit).

3. I like driving around with John. We were without a stereo in our old car for so long that we’re out of the habit of listening to music there; instead, we just talk (and talk).