About Louisa

tl;dr - I'm Louisa. I ♥ John & our animals. I do various things to earn money. A happy hippy.

I’m Louisa and I live in West Yorkshire, in the UK.

I grew up in Southport, went to uni in Liverpool then moved to Leeds in 2000. I worked at the University of Leeds between 2000-2006 in a range of roles in different departments, finishing up in eLearning. In 2006, I left for a “career break” and ended up starting lojoco, a web-ish company with my best friend, John (I’m the lo, he’s the jo, it’s our co). lojoco has run a number of successful web-based projects over the years but these days, John works full time for his other company, Brightbox so things are now a lot slower than they used to be. I escape from the internet on occasion to do various bits of consultancy and until July 2013, I taught two drama groups for teenagers at Bingley Little Theatre.

Away from work, John and I currently live in Bradford with three lovely cats – Matilda, Kaufman & Strange – and a mad old springer spaniel called Lily. They’re all hilarious and wonderful. (And we pour out cat milk for our fallen homies: Silicon, Carbon, Boron & Carla – the original pride.)

Personally, I’m a bit of a hippy – a recycler, a grower of vegetables, a keeper of chickens, a maker/crafter, a thrower of pots and a spinner of yarns both literal and metaphorical. I’m also an atheist, a pacifist and a feminist.

I’m rather socially broken but I am mostly happy and spend a lot of time laughing.

Contact details: email me at louisa at louisaparry dot co dot uk // Twitter: @louisa_ // Pinterest: louisaparry