3BT – a threshold, mindless pleasure, deserved cake

1. The moment in decorating when the ends feels not necessarily imminent but at least possible.

2. I find envelope stuffing strangely pleasurable: refining my system until it is as efficient as possible so the task takes on a repetitive, meditative quality.

3. A cream-filled lemon muffin.

100 miles north-north-east: day one

1. Hundreds of chickens – little red specks in the giant field – mill about in the early morning mist.

2. The blue robed woman stands in her garden, watching the train go by.

3. Suddenly the rows of terraced housing give away. The glorious green slopes draw the eye down to the curve of the steely river.

4. For the second time that day, I’m surprised by the quality of the chocolate brownie I’m eating.

5. I love it when posh-voiced older people swear randomly.

6. We’ve chatted over email and IM but it’s the first time we see each other face to face in nearly a decade. I’m surprised how familiar his voice still sounds.

7. I’ve had three long-time-no-see reunion incidents over the last few years and this one is by far the best. I’ve missed them a lot.

3BT – surrounded, distracted, rewarded

1. I wake up just before dawn to the sound of some low half-barks – Lily getting excited in her sleep. She’s still in her bed so I go to her to soothe her. Next time I wake up, perhaps an hour or so later, she’s lying in between us, on her back with her paws in the air, Carla is sat on my chest purring and Boron is fast asleep on my head. The best way to wake up.

2. On the bus, my ears and brain are distracted by a lecture on human pre-history, my hands and eyes by granny squares.

3. After a difficult rehearsal, I need cake. Lots of cake. Then I spot it – a fancy, expensive cake reduced to clear for just 99p.

3BT – Ukepedia lives again!, buttery light, buttery taste

1. When we wake up, there is an email waiting for us — a video submission for Ukepedia. We smile and laugh as James sings about Fozzie Bear, delighted at the effort he’s put in (8 minutes, 16 seconds!) and amused by how it came about.

2. The sun is setting as I walk back from the post office and the old stone cottages at the other end of the road look glorious in the warm light.

3. The tart is sharp to start but that fades away to leave behind a soft, buttery conclusion.

3BT – squirrel spiral, selfless attack, cake

(One from last night first)

0. I cleanse and moisturise my face before going to bed. When I look in the mirror, the cream has replaced the pallor of the day with healthy pink.

1. Two squirrels spin a spiral around the silver birch tree.

2. Considering it’s supposed to be a World of Warcraft, people are generally generous and considerate – helping each other out without being asking or without expecting reward.

3. The chocolate cake is deliciously rich and heavy. I have a second slice.