01 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

11 Goals for 2011: progress update

At the start of the year, I set myself 11 (+ another 5 subgoals) goals for the year. We’ve third of the way through the year now so I thought it was time for an update. 1. Increase the food output from our garden and make a meal only using stuff I’ve grown/foraged/caught/killed which can […]

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01 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

11 Goals for 2011

Compared to last year, these seem a lot less varied – almost entirely simple living stuff. I think it’s partly because for many, it’ll mean they’re easier to accomplish so I can actually feel some achievement (unlike last year’s disappointing 2 out of 10 hit rate) and partly because this is where my interests are […]

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30 December 2010 ~ 1 Comment

10 goals for 2010 – end of year round-up

So at the start of 2010, I set myself 10 goals: 1. To make a meal using only ingredients I’ve grown, raised, caught or killed myself. 2. To travel to a place on my “top ten places to go before I die” list. 3. Finish writing my second novel. 4. Learn how to make sausages […]

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25 July 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Goal #1 “make a meal using only ingredients I’ve grown myself” – DONE!

This was my dinner this evening – courgette frittata with side salad – and it was made entirely using things from our garden (with the exception of the wild garlic pods – some were from our garden, others from further into the woods). Ingredients: – courgette (although I only used one in the end – […]

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01 July 2010 ~ 1 Comment

10 goals for 2010 – June progress update

Half way through the year – so where was I with these things…? 1. To make a meal using only ingredients I’ve grown, raised, caught or killed myself. I’m getting closer with this. Ok, I don’t grow my own wheat but I’ve made slow-rise bread about every other day for the month, and handchurned butter […]

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27 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments


One of my ten goals for 2010 was to learn how to make sausages. I’ll admit it was a bit of an easy one — the “make to-do” list item on your to-do list just so you can cross something off straight away — as I was already planning on attending a sausage making course […]

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