3BT – wiped clean, productivity, buttons

1. The dusting of snow each night erases footprints like an etch-a-sketch.

2. For the first time in a few weeks, I write out a decent to-do list and use it as a project tracker throughout the day. The sense of accomplishment at the end of the day is wonderful.

3. I tip out the bag of buttons onto the bed sheet and pick through them to find the perfect three.

Making buttons from Fimo

fimo buttons(Second button related post in a row, heh.)

I bought a new-to-me cord jacket at a charity shop in Portobello while visiting Edinburgh recently* and it had big feature buttons on it.

I very much liked the idea of feature buttons but unfortunately I didn’t like the actual buttons used. A trip to my usual haberdashery in Leeds revealed it would cost about £18 to replace them with my favourite big buttons from there – because it’s double breasted and so needs a billion of the buggers – so I thought I’d try making some myself.

A Fimo purchase off eBay later, I made myself some gloriously green buttons last night.

making fimo buttonsI played with a few different shapes/styles but I went with big, flat and simple in the end. I got seven big buttons (the six I need plus a spare) and two little ones out of a 56g block of Fimo. I divided the clay up and rolled it into a ball in my hands to loosen it up then squished it using a coffee can lid, with a layer of cling film inbetween so the clay wouldn’t stick. Then when it was the desired diameter and thickness, I placed a brass curtain ring on the clay, squished with the can lid again, then poked the holes with a cocktail stick. Twenty minutes in the oven later, my buttons were ready to rock and roll.

They’re not perfect but they’ll neither am I, so they’ll do :)

(Click for bigger pictures.)

* as I raved about on Things To Do Today, the Beach House Cafe there is AWESOME. Go! Go! Go!

Button earrings

button earringsFollowing a query from a reader yesterday, I’m doing a post on buttons on Recycle This next week and wanted to post a(n admittedly not great) picture of my most favourite earrings in the whole wide world ;)

I wear the dangly ones all the freakin’ time and they constantly get caught in my scarves but I love them. I should probably remake them so they’re a little less snaggy…

Before I trained my ears to accept dangly earrings though, I loved the studs – the buttons just glued onto stud findings. I like that the black ones were subtly buttony. ;)