3BT – not how I thought but better, fairly furry, cheesy grins all around

1. I wasn’t convinced about the colour of the tiles when they were in the box but up on the wall, after hours of fighting with adhesive and tile trim, I love it. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the tiling in a Victorian public toilet – but in a good way.

2. Fur, specifically feline belly fur, feels super soft when my hands are dry and sore.

3. The bone Lily-dog is holding pushes her upper lips in such a way that she appears to have a wide, goofy grin. I laugh and it looks like she’s laughing too. :)

3BT – newspaper, surprise, provided for

1. I spread out the newspaper on the floor so I can read it while I’m eating my breakfast. Then read it while I’m tickling doggy belly. Then read it while I’m kissing cat head. Boron purrs loudly. (That last statement is true of both then and now.)

2. Just when we’re both getting bored of the decorating, the doorbell rings: surprise visitors in the form of our lovely neighbours who have been in Ghana & Nambia these last six months doing doctoring things. Over tea and more animal tickles, they tell us about farting hippos, mating lions and elephants that hide round corners.

3. To keep remembering we have lasagne from John’s mum for dinner so we don’t have to cook ourselves. I do like to cook but I like not having to cook even more :)

Carla cat in the sunshine








Who gets fed first

Following on from Lily’s idea of the Team Peach hierarchy, here’s this evening’s feeding order.

1. Chickens (on way back from dog walk)
2. Plants in greenhouse (ditto)
3. Lily
4. Boron (Carla wasn’t around)
5. Ginger beer plant
6. Rye sourdough starter
7. Wheat flour sourdough starter
8. Us

Three beautiful things from the last five minutes

1. A scratch-scratch-scratch. I open the door and a little boy & two little girls are waiting together to be admitted into the room of cosy-warm.

2. In previous days, I may have been sad that the pie tin was too big for the cats but instead I get to be happy that it’s perfectly sized for the dog.

3. The cats flank me, one either side of my laptop. Boron leans in for head kisses (my lips are on his head as I type this) while Carla simply purrs.