Shiny new blog design, ooooh. I’m taking the opportunity to move some stuff around too.

The biggest changes:

  • The front page of is now my blog. The About Me has moved to the About Louisa page.
  • I’ve moved all my Three Beautiful Things (3BT) posts to their own blog as they were rather overwhelming this one: Update your bookmarks/feedreaders, pretty people :)
  • The addition of columns on the right there -> means I can now have navigation on my blog, oooh!
  • More excitingly than that, I can also have an auto-updated list of all the stuff I’m doing and updating – this blog, my 3BT blog, my Twitter account, Recycle This & its Twitter feed and my brand new blog, The Really Good Life & its Twitter feed. More will be added as needed but already it’s a good way to keep up with everything I’m writing/updating regularly.
  • My photos are still stuck in the old theme and not clickable from the new theme. They can be found here for the time being – – and I’ll move them to a new gallery thing soon. Photos viewable now – click the tab at the top, then select the album/gallery.