3BT – combing, misty, mmm

1. While John’s out, we have a lazy day, the dog, the cats and me. I comb Lily for one cartoon, then Carla for another. Carla, despite being a third of the size of the dog, wins the fluff shedding contest. Both feel softer and smoother by the time the funnies come to an end.

2. The rain slows for the first time all day and we descend into the woods for a walk. The mist hangs in the air beneath the canopy and reflects the light, making the lower levels brighter than they should be. The beck water is higher than it has been for the last few weeks but in the pools, it’s unusually clear too. Lily runs around like a crazy thing, I dawdle behind.

3. Nothing tastes as good as leftovers.

3BT – cereal, flowers, culinary freestyling

1. The doorbell rings and the delivery man is holding a large box: John had ordered 12 boxes of my favourite cereal to arrive just as I was running out.

2. Our neighbours return from their holiday and bring us wine & flowers to thank us for keeping an eye on their house while they were away. I carry the flowers around the house looking for something to use as a vase and my hands smell perfumed all afternoon.

3. We finish the rest of the cottage pie for dinner and because it was improvised, I realise it’s a George’s Marvellous Medicine dinner, never to repeated in the same form.

3BT – racing, productive, post office, cheese, wowed by WoW

1. A few people have suggested we have a second bathroom installed on our lower ground floor – near the area which will be our office – but if we did, we’d have no reason to race up the stairs, pushing past each other, pulling back on jeans’ waistbands, when we both realise we need to wee at the same time.

2. I work hard all day – nothing from my to-do list and hardly any billable hours – but I tick off a range of things that have been nagging at me for weeks, perhaps months. For the first time in a while, I feel like I’m making progress on my life rather than just treading water.

3. The walk to the post office is delightful – until the very end, it feels like a walk through a country village and it’s just far enough to warm me up without being an over-exertion or taking all day.

4. We eat enchiladas for dinner, the second helping of a batch from earlier in the week. “Is there anything better than baked cheese?” I ask John as I chew on a perfectly browned piece. He replies: “Twice as much baked cheese.”

5. I have a fantastic evening’s play on World of Warcraft – I complete some quests that had been bugging me (because they’d been too hard before) and successfully sell some items at auction so I won’t have to worry about game-money for a while. The interface overlays my dreams though, so possibly played it a little too much…