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3BT – not how I thought but better, fairly furry, cheesy grins all around

1. I wasn’t convinced about the colour of the tiles when they were in the box but up on the wall, after hours of fighting with adhesive and tile trim, I love it. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the tiling in a Victorian public toilet – but in a good way.

2. Fur, specifically feline belly fur, feels super soft when my hands are dry and sore.

3. The bone Lily-dog is holding pushes her upper lips in such a way that she appears to have a wide, goofy grin. I laugh and it looks like she’s laughing too. :)

3BT – we like stripes, starting again, fake thrills

1. The colourful fat stripes of his socks and my cardigan on the white airer.

2. I tidied the greenhouse on Thursday, moved the winter ground cover from the chicken run on Friday and tidied the space between the enclosed run & the rest of the garden today. Small changes but they make the garden feel more manageable again.

3. The strange glee derived from rushing around a virtual village, searching for pretend Easter, um, I mean “Noblegarden” eggs with complete strangers. The hunt is as ferocious and good natured as if they were real chocolate eggs in a garden. I’m more than happy to wait around for people to give me temporary bunny ears.

Sky colours, the treat, waiting

1. In the horses’ field, I turn away from the racing cocker spaniel to look for our slower springer but instead I find my attention stolen by the sky: glowing pink clouds on dazzling blue.

2. She knows I have something in my pocket but she doesn’t know what it is yet. Her eyes widen as I slowly reveal the bone but she doesn’t move, not at first, not until it’s nearly all exposed and she knows it’s definitely for her. A gentle paw touch my leg as she asks for it.

3. The last Thursday of the month is Leeds Ruby Thing so an evening home alone for me and the animals. I distract myself with computer games but Lily watches patiently at the dining room door, waiting for him to come home.

Autumn Sun(day)

1. Rainbows fill the room. The dog has one on her chest as she waves her paws in the air. There is another on my legs. They dance across the ceiling.

2. The dew glistens on the cobwebs laced between the neighbours’ railings.

3. The woods have never been lighter or brighter. The trees are naked, the floor mottled in yellows and brown. We wander hither thither, along paths that don’t exist in the summer, then we sit on the bench above it all and talk.

Sunlight & animals, Purple parasols, Eternal nerdy teenager

1. I have lunch – leftover kedgeree – on the balcony. The cats and dog sit together in the soft sunlight.

2. Always on the look out for mushrooms, we find Amethyst Deceivers (Laccaria amethystea) – an amazingly deep, rich purple in the brown leaf litter.

3. As usual, I come home from drama and tell John stories from class. After one story:

Him “it’s just like being back at school”
Me (gushing) “except the cool kids like me!”

In lieu of breakfast, the most handsome cat in the world, baklava

1. After a day apart, we catch up before getting up. He tells me his news and I tell him mine. At half hour intervals, we discuss making pancakes for breakfast but neither of us moves.

2. The cats look delightful on the new duvet cover. It’s spotty (like Smarties, Katherine says) and multi-coloured, a strong contrast to their solid black. I pull my mum & dad in from the landing on their way downstairs to show them how handsome Boron looks on it.

3. The baklava there is usually delicious but chewy, as if it’s been microwaved. Today though, the pastry is fresh and the flakes melt in my mouth. I urge everyone to try it but no one does. They’re missing out but I don’t mind: more for me. ;)