Relief, fishing for chickens, the pleasure of warmth and sugar

1. To wake up and find that after all that noise, there is no storm damage to the garden. Or rather, the only damage is both minor and desirable.

2. We drive out to see our chicken man. The views are different but as equally as stunning as they were on the balmy June evening of our last visit. He, and his lovely old dog, take us around the different sheds and we pick four girls to bring home – two pure breeds and two black rocks. He catches them with a strong fisherman’s net: “the best thing I ever bought”, he tells us.

3. A well timed cup of sweet tea.

3BT – saucy, fun by design, good night

1. I add the tomato ketchup to the sandwich but it keeps slipping off onto my fingers. Lick, lick, lick.

2. I finish my day working on a design/DTP project. It’s a while since I’ve done any work in Inkscape and it’s a lot of fun. The event the work is for should be a lot of fun too.

3. I take a decaff Earl Grey and a Wispa to bed with me. It’s decadent but delicious.

3BT – breakfast, village essence, alternative soundtrack

1) It’s late (past noon) even though I’ve been up for hours but I have a wonderful breakfast. The cold milk, the crunchy cereal, the perfectly brewed tea.

2) The people at the Post Office – Judith & Chris – are lovely. The actual village around here has long since dissipated but the spirit of it still lives on in a small way with them.

3) Bad films are made good by funny friends.

3BT – surprises

Still ill. Boo. So just two again.

1) I unwrap the foil from around the takeaway-cafe sandwich and am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bread. The tea is hot and sweet.

2) Hidden out of the way on the first floor, we spot a set of vintage Kilncraft Bacchus crockery. We already have most of the set – my mum started our collection with the set my family used when I was small – but we’d like more small plates and bowls. The man says it’s not for sale, they rent out things on the first floor to TV and film production companies, and we’re disappointed but relieved because we thought from there, from a salvage yard that calls itself an antique shop, it would be too expensive for our tastes. Afterwards, we find three saucers and two bowls in a super-cheap charity shop around the corner.

3BT – a riddler, the magic hour, backstage

1. My feed reader empty for a change, I’m at a loss for something to read while I drink my post-lunch tea. I stumble upon an audio slideshow about a riddler on the Guardian’s website. The style of the narration grates at times but the pictures and process are fascinating. My tea goes cold as I watch.

2. Naked trees stand silhouetted against the still bright sky. Two plump-breasted birds converse.

3. I wait in the dark backstage for the girls to finish their piece. It’s only a rehearsal but I don’t have to be anywhere else so I wait. The light of distant illuminations dances on the obscured glass windows – red, blue, yellow and white sharp against the black night.

Why you should wash out your tea cup every day

(or why you shouldn’t leave dregs in your cup if you take milk and two sugars, and are out of the house for a day.)