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Team Peach cross-stitch

I made this little piece as a break between two halves of a longer, more complicated sewing project.


Team Peach is what John & I call our household – a portmanteau of our surnames. It started as a joke but has become a less jokey, handy shortcut for referring to our collective.

I picked an off-white for the lettering as a thought a white-white would be too garish – behind glass in a frame though, I think it could have done with being a little brighter. The frame is only temporary as I’m not sure the fake flock works with the pseudo-sporty design ;)

We do not yet have t-shirts but that’s where the design idea came from. We do though have a theme song.

Who gets fed first

Following on from Lily’s idea of the Team Peach hierarchy, here’s this evening’s feeding order.

1. Chickens (on way back from dog walk)
2. Plants in greenhouse (ditto)
3. Lily
4. Boron (Carla wasn’t around)
5. Ginger beer plant
6. Rye sourdough starter
7. Wheat flour sourdough starter
8. Us