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3BT – purring, suits you, changes, soup, window

1. Boron has inserted himself between us while we slept so when I wake up, he’s under the duvet, with his head resting on my pillow next to mine. We stay there for at least an hour until John wakes up and he purrs a deep, satisfied purr the whole time.

2. We decide to finally implement something we’ve been talking about for a couple of months – we go to the RSPCA to see about adopting a dog. We meet two boys who have lived with cats before and we’re encouraged to play with them and walk with them. As John walks away with the second dog, I tell the handler that I think John looks good with a dog at his side.

3. We head into Bradford city centre for lunch and some charity shopping. It’s been a while since we’ve been there on foot – certainly the first time since we moved to a BD postcode, but probably a couple of years before that even. On the way up to Oxfam, we notice that the nature of the city starts to change after Duke St: the big-name chains gives way to smaller, independent shops, and it feels like a first time visit to a small town instead of a familiar city.

4. The sound check runs late so we have to eat quickly – it’s a shame to gobble such lovely food. The soup starts out neat and orderly, all the additional ingredients in their own part of the bowl and enjoyed individually, but as I eat, it all gets mixed together and a fuller flavour is revealed.

5. Kev writes my name in the condensation on the window and as the evening proceeds, the letters streak until all that is left are vertical drip lines down the pane. Above, the red light turns the dull gold window frame into a surreal ruby.

3BT – cool blue, crumbs, joining the Parade

1) The doorbell rings and it’s the smiling postman with a long awaited eBay purchase – a 50 year old big blue enamel bowl. I’d bought it intending for it to be a planter but it’s so pretty in the flesh that I want to use it for something grander. It’s delightfully cool to the touch.

2) The toast atomises with each delicious bite.

3) The Gillroyd Parade hosts another fine evening of entertainment at the Packhorse in Leeds. The crowd is smaller than usual but kind, the music beautifully lilting and the lyrics clever but fun.