3BT – Ukepedia lives again!, buttery light, buttery taste

1. When we wake up, there is an email waiting for us — a video submission for Ukepedia. We smile and laugh as James sings about Fozzie Bear, delighted at the effort he’s put in (8 minutes, 16 seconds!) and amused by how it came about.

2. The sun is setting as I walk back from the post office and the old stone cottages at the other end of the road look glorious in the warm light.

3. The tart is sharp to start but that fades away to leave behind a soft, buttery conclusion.

Ukepedia – our fun! new! project

ukepedia logoBack in August, I had earache. Otitis Media to be specific.

After I got back from having it checked out by my doctor, I wrote a Twitter about it. John was playing on his ukelele and looking over my shoulder at the time so sang the Twitter as I wrote it.

Then I went over to Wikipedia to read all about Otitis Media, and as I read, John sang. As it turned out, the Otitis Media article worked beautifully as a song.

So we made it into a song. And we put the song on a website. And a fun new project was born.

Like with ELER, after an initial flurry of action, we’ve been a bit slow on it of late – but other members of the Church of the Ukelele have been stepping up and the collection of videos is slowly growing.

If you can play the uke – or any other instrument – and fancy joining the cool kids club, there are full instructions on the site.

There are only about 2,576,419 articles to go – so hurry!