World of Warcraft Pet Battles Attacking/Defending chart

When World of Warcraft announced they’d be adding the equivalent of Pokemon, POKEMON, to the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack, I vowed, VOWED, that I wouldn’t have any part of that silly nonsense. And neither would I be following the crowds down the path of creating either monks or pandas. No, no, no! NEVER!!!

So, anyway, my panda monk Jaybbles (right) has been happily leveling her cute menagerie over the past three week. I first started off with pets inspired by my real life animals – a black cat, a chicken and a pig (Mr Wiggles) to represent Lily, the tubby, grunting dog – but quickly discovered that my beloved pets would get their arses kicked in Azeroth. Now Jaybbles has got a more exotic/deadly team with which to stomp various beasties as she sees fit. However, silly Jaybbles sometimes sends the wrong pets into the wrong battles and the fight ends with loud boohooing. What Jaybbles needs is a clear chart to show her which pet is good – and bad – against what.

There are, of course, other charts out there on the web but I found them confusing so made up my own. (click the pic for the bigger, clearer version)

(I’m not 100% happy with the column headings but they’ll do for now.)

My initial plan was that this chart would be the basis for an embroidery pattern but it’s ended up being a lot more complicated than I thought it would be, so that will have to wait for now — there are critters, horny toads and goddamn foals to beat up first!

3BT – hotel toast, nothing to do, in control

1. Last week I was introduced to the phrase of “hotel toast”: when you let toast go cold before spreading it with butter so the spread sits on top rather than sinking in. Hotel toast is my favourite way to have toast – this morning, I have it with butter and strawberry jam: delicious.

2. My whole body aches but I know it’s ok because there is nothing on my to-do list but rest. I stretch out on the sofa and let my WoW avatar do the energetic stuff instead.

3. The dog think she’s a master manipulator – the big brown eyes, the sad ears, the heavy head rested woefully on the table or the cushions – but we find her overacting hilarious. She looks sadder when we laugh and we ultimately give in. Perhaps she’s a better manipulator than we realised!

3BT – hurrah for sales, attention grabber, Gilneas

1. We share the delight of both getting our jackets – the same soft hoodie – for a sale price. (Her way of getting a bargain was very clever, mine was down to dumb luck.)

2. The tiniest dog on a thick, bright red lead.

3. To find something new after all this time and to discover, to great delight, I’m not as bad as I think I’ll be at it.

3BT – we like stripes, starting again, fake thrills

1. The colourful fat stripes of his socks and my cardigan on the white airer.

2. I tidied the greenhouse on Thursday, moved the winter ground cover from the chicken run on Friday and tidied the space between the enclosed run & the rest of the garden today. Small changes but they make the garden feel more manageable again.

3. The strange glee derived from rushing around a virtual village, searching for pretend Easter, um, I mean “Noblegarden” eggs with complete strangers. The hunt is as ferocious and good natured as if they were real chocolate eggs in a garden. I’m more than happy to wait around for people to give me temporary bunny ears.