We checked out of the hotel about 1000 and went over to Covent Garden for some breakfast. I just went for my usual croissant option but John went for sticky maple syruppy waffles instead.

When he came down from his sugar rush, we got the tube over to South Kensington to go to the Natural History and Science museums – the reason we had planned the trip to London in the first place.

We went to the Natural History museum in the morning. We had forgotten that it would be busy since it was the start of the summer holidays and it was really hot too so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped. We saw some very cool stuff though.

We went to a coffee shop (caf� Milan) on Brompton Road for lunch then walked back up to the Science museum for the afternoon. We spent a lot longer in there and I ended up with very tired feet (I have since bought better walking trainers; silly me for wearing hard soled ones). I think we spent the most time there in the History of Medicine section (which is ironic since there is a medical museum in Leeds that we could go to at any time, but don’t) which was really interesting – but John enjoyed spotting the old Cray computer on the ground floor (with built in seating).

We stayed there until almost closing time then took the tube back to Leicester Square. We relaxed on the grass for a while then went to Chinatown for a meal. We ended up at a place called Poon’s because it had the best veggie selection that we could find (and it was really cheap) and I went numb from eating too much MSG again.

We sat in Trafalgar Square again to digest and for John to take photos and consquently left it a bit late to head back to Kings Cross for the train home. We only made it by a matter of minutes – there had been a tube train waiting at Leicester Square station when we go there: if we had missed that, we would have missed the train home.

The train was crowded and we had to move someone out of our reserved seats. However, we did get some in-seat entertainment courtesy of a less-than-genius lad sat across the aisle from us. He loved “spot the difference”s, bless him.

We got home about 2315 and exhausted, went straight to bed with the felines.

– Written up from notes in August 2005