Flyer weaving

Love Apple flyer weaving (flyer 2)We were sat in the Love Apple in Bradford on Saturday night – our usual destination after our regular curry at Omars – and the guys got into a goes-nowhere argument about Free Software. The cyclical and pretty much pointless nature of the discussion (since we all agree on the general principles, it’s just the minutae that’s discussed ad infinitum) led me to look for other avenues of entertainment.

And so I turned to weaving flyers together. There were two lots of flyers on the table – I started with the “steady rockin” one. I tore two copies of the flyer into strips, one torn horizontally, the other vertically then weaved them together to recreate the original flyer again. Because I had to tear the card by hand, the size of the strips varied and the edges were sometimes all over the place – not all the the flyer works but I’m quite impressed with the area around the woman’s face. (Click on the thumbnail picture for a bigger version).

There was a second flyer with a metro-style map on it and after the first one worked pretty well, I couldn’t resist giving that a go too. (Click the “read more” link to see it then, again, clicky clicky for a bigger version).

Love Apple flyer weaving (flyer 1)

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  1. The Moscow Underground.

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