Today has been a fun day.

This afternoon I managed to combine three of my joint loves: recycling, making a noise and shouting at war criminals — we went to Harrogate to shout at George Bush (Snr) and his comrades at a Business Conference (he was talking, they were fawning), and made some rattles out of tomato/bean cans and out-of-date dried peas to shake while we were there (they were pleasantly noisy, just not as loud as the samba band that was there).

Then after a long, long traffic jam journey back south, we ate nachos and made merry before going for a curry. Mmm, curry on a belly full of nachos.

Then we went on a walk and a play in Heaton Woods in Bradford – John found a rope swing at the top of a scarily steep slope, and later on Gianni and I stepping-stoned across the stream and had to fight the evil bridge keeper (Kev) with our staves in order to be allowed back over to the main side of the woods. (There were many role-playing/MMORPG jokes made re: the staves. Only John and I got them, and I think John was faking to seem l33t.) Funny photos to follow.

A smashing day.