Facial (A)Symmetry

Me, in Venice, 2004
I’ve been interested in the idea of checking my own facial symmetry for a while so when I found a website that did all the “hard” work for me, I thought I’d give it a go. Then I found out I had to have some silly plug-in to make it work so I did it myself with layers in the GIMP instead.

Not a great photo for checking it out on, but here goes…

This is a photo of me from our trip to Burano, Venice on Christmas Day 2004…

Me, with two left sides of my face
This is how I would look if the right side of my face was identical to my current left side.

Droopy eyes a go go and longer too. But woo! no chin spots :)

Me, with two right sides of my face
And the reverse: two right sides.

My face looks a lot squarer but not as droppy. Somewhat like a ‘Guess Who?’ card.

Me, reversed
And this is with the right side as the left and vice versa (so just reversed really, although I didn’t do that).

It looks odd for my other side to be drooping off for a change.

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  1. We have been doing symmetry in Maths and we thought your experiment was interesting. How did you do it?
    By the way, we think you look better with your lopsided face!!

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