Woohoo for Wispas

Wispa barContrary to popular belief that I’m a chocolate fiend, I don’t often peruse chocolate bars selections in shops these days because 1) I don’t frequent that many shops (or leave the house much for that matter), and 2) if we have chocolate, we tend to buy a big block and eat it a few squares at a time.

This is why it’s taken me a whole SIX DAYS to discover that Cadbury’s have relaunched their Wispa bar on the back of a public campaign.

Wispas were discontinued in 2003 when Cadbury’s rebranded all their stuff “Dairy Milk bubbly” or “Dairy Milk with caramel” etc. I was gutted when they did this because, without a doubt, Wispas are the best chocolate bar for dunking in tea and the “Dairy Milk bubbly” bars just didn’t perform in the same way.

As with most solid chocolate, Dairy Milk, with or without bubbles, is too heavy to absorb enough liquid to make tea dunking a worthwhile melting experience – but conversely, the bubbles in Aeros and the like are too big and they melt too fast. Wispas were the optimum middle ground between the two sub-standard extremes.

So anyway, I got a bit over-excited when I spotted them for sale again yesterday. I bought two and the Leach and I are currently enjoying them with a nice piping hot cup of char. Smashing.


  1. thattommyhall

    15/10/2007 at 1:27 am

    “Wispas were the optimum middle ground between the two sub-standard extremes.”

    This must have been what Aristotle had in mind when he was banging on about the Golden Mean.

  2. It’s more brown than golden though. Perhaps he was talking about Crunchies.

  3. Wow! I had been completely oblivious to this too (go Cadbury’s marketing!). I *heart* Wispa bars.

    Incidentally I actually like dunking a Crunchie bar in my tea it’s so wrong yet so right…

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