1. The cats glow in the soft sunlight. The melting snow is still too cold for their paws but they sit on the dry fence and watch me split logs. For cats that are scared of everything, they’re strangely fearless when I’m flinging an axe at wood.

2. The (flat)bread is perfect – startling white inside a golden shell. As always, I’m surprised by the alchemy that has taken place in the last quarter of an hour: from powder to goop to light sponge.

3. The snow around here has all but melted off the roads but at Olli’s house, the wide road is still evenly white. We find it rough on the way in but later, on the way home, it’s verging on slippery – enough to let us slide around but not enough to feel out of control (the perfect amount of fun/danger for boring 30-somethings like us). We dance and moonwalk in the dark silence.