3BT – sounds, Boron’s outside time, by the beck

1. Two pleasantly dull sounds within ten minutes of each other – the sound of vomit hitting a window in a cartoon and the knock of wood on wood as I throw logs onto a pile.

2. Boron watches us from the wall then when I rest, he pads over to sit on my knee. One of his longest stints in the garden for a long time – spring must be on its way.

3. We stand by the beck – deep in the woods but still in our garden – holding hands and talking about our future.

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  1. Well done, Louisa, you’ve made vomit a beautiful thing. I always use my being sick post as an example of how anything can be beautiful. :-) or perhaps :-(*)

    I’m thinking I should create a blog badge for people who have made sick a beautiful thing. I wonder if people would wear it!

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