My favourite British green/simple living/craft blogs

I read A LOT of green/simple living blogs – some religiously, others only when the subject particularly appeals. There is such a wealth of knowledge out there and inspirational actions, not from proclaimed experts or media stars but from a range of people living (or trying to live) “simpler” lives. (I share my favourite posts here –

However, the vast majority of the bloggers are from the US and while a lot of the information transfers over here, it’s nice to read stories from British bloggers too – their photos show familiar hilly landscapes not alien prairies or mountains, they talk about tea & Jaffa cakes, and they have small, climate-challenged gardens & no chance of an allotment this side of the year 3000.

So anyway, on with the links:


  1. Thanks for those recommendations (and for the 3BT mention). I’ve definitely found some new reading material to enjoy.

    I laughed so much when I read Hunter Gatherer’s potted woodlice recipe. Mmm-mmm.

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