1. Having a bath, like watching a film, during daylight hours always feels remarkably decadent, even when it’s following many hours of decorating.

2. Whenever I’m doing any DIY, I listen to Radio 6: periods of renovation in this house always result in new (to us) music but this time an old favourite pops up too – an live performance and interview with Kathryn Williams as part of her new project The Pond. I fell in love with her album ‘”Little Black Numbers’ while on a super relaxing holiday in Lindisfarne a few years ago and whenever I listen to it, I’m reminded of the wonderful air, light and ambience of the island. Today was the first time I’ve heard her interviewed though and I am delighted to hear she’s warm, funny and down to earth. The Pond’s music is fab too – can’t wait for the album.

3. I stretch out on the bed and watch the light fade from the sky. The silver birch is perfectly still. All around birds call out to each other one last time before dusk.