I’ve often said I don’t particularly like people – I’m not very good at dealing with people. I do however like many individual persons a lot. Three beautiful things about some persons from my day:

1. The bank’s solicitor. Changing from letters to email completely changes the tone of our communication – no longer terribly formal, we’re suddenly on first name terms, using smileys, jokes and “have a fab weekend!”s.

2. The best friends. “It’s hard to believe but she’s only 20 days older than me. If I look like her in 20 days, I want botox!” – “she” cuffs “I” around the head then pulls her in for a buddy hug while the rest of us laugh.

3. The taxi driver. We have an incredibly animated chat about how we’ve left behind our gaming devices (him = PSP, me = Nintendo DS) in favour of our phones. We spend most of the journey laughing at our own goofiness.