I’m toying with a variation on Three Beautiful Things – five things from my day, one for each sense, not always beautiful things but a memory of the day all the same. I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to be more varied with my 3BTs :)

1. Sight – Boron curled into my lap, then one long paw stretches out across my leg. (Lunchtime hugs from him are rare treats.)

2. Sound – well, actually not-sound: the beat of silence before the last word of the line, making the whole thing so much funnier.

3. Touch – the stick I pick up to throw for Lily is cool and smooth. It’s been stripped of bark and weathered. I don’t throw it for Lily after all; instead I take it home to put with my driftwood collection.

4. Taste – leftovers for lunch surprisingly nicer than when they were fresh. (Pasta with mackerel and peppers)

5. Smell – the soiliness of autumn.