1. Up and about a bit earlier than normal, I see sun in unusual places – Strange enjoys the sun on the sofa, through the east facing door; Tilda also sunbathes, but in the washing basket in the bedroom; the perpetually dark corridor not perpetually dark after all; and when I return from missing my bus, I see the soft dappled light along the north facing path down the side of the house.

2. There isn’t room for me in the main classroom: while I miss out on some of the teaching, I enjoy the freedom to work on my figures without concern for observing eyes.

2b. The work still warm from firing. Nearly every piece has come out brilliantly.

2c. I work on all my (six) pieces-in-progress – taking them as far as I can for now – and still have an hour left. Why, I can start two new pieces in that time!

3. A strangely sociable dog walk – first we met someone from my old drama group then we chat to the man with the boxers. The dogs are old and not in the best of health but it doesn’t stop them grinning and wanting to lick my face. I wipe sober off my cheeks for the rest of the walk.

4. The flow from the tap forces the bubbles against the edge in pleasing linear sweeps.