1. Prawns and a good sharp cheddar – one of my favourite lunches.

2. It’s a little cold in the woods – a pleasant contrast to yesterday’s humidity. I pick up the pace to build up a layer of warmth underneath my coat.

2b. Two white tails wag a hello.

2c. I inhale the bluebells’ perfume until it makes my sinuses tingle. The next time I breath in, all I can smell is the most delicious curry.

2d. Lots of Jack by the Hedge by the road.

3. The thread looks like cotton but I’m assured it’s a blend of wool and silk. It’s smooth and wonderfully lustrous: a muted, truncated rainbow from red to green.

3b. As a break from my map project, I start a quicky Jacobean tile project. The design photo is surprisingly poor – the use of the wrong type of fabric makes it look blocky, wonky lines, blatantly uneven stitches — my work looks so much better. It gives me confidence in my stitching skills and also in creating my own designs.