0. I turn over in the soft light of dawn – I’m in the most comfortable slumped position but know that it’ll hurt my back if I stay like that without support for long. As if reading my mind, Lily creeps up the bed and lies exactly where I need her to.

1. A short amount of playing gives us a multitude of ideas.

2. John suggests we walk to the woods the other way – the long way around the main road – to make the most of the surprise sunshine. The next house along’s shrubs are coming into their own; ‘for sale’ signs now declare themselves sold; the demolition is starting at the old warehouse; the willow is mirrored in the canal; the broad beans in the raised beds look strong and healthy; the canal (from the other side) is so still that tiny droplets from the bridge cause wide ripples below; the three chestnut horses swish their tails; the almost lime leaves on the baby beech saplings; a squeeked conversation in the undergrowth; John puts his hand on the craggy straight trunk as he passes; a comfortable silence; the clean water pooled on top of the bin; he catches her lead before it goes through the puddle. We made the most of more than just the nice weather.

3. It’s usually inconsequential soft furnishing in tv shows or films that distract me but this time it’s all the different window shutters.