1. Another day ‘on the wheel’. My first cylinder of the morning is a bit of a failure but after that, I get it – all the rest of my cylinders throughout the day are straight edged and while I still lack control over the specific shape of my bowls, they’re generally getting nicer – rounder.

1b. I try a different type of clay. It feels like chewing gum when I’m wedging it but with the extra water on the wheel, it’s silky.

1c. I try a different wheel, one with an attached seat and I see what the tutor meant yesterday about being like getting on or off a horse.

1d. Turning – neatening the shape of the bottom and making a foot – transforms my misshaped hollows into actual bowls.

1e. I try to think how the course could have been better and the only things I can think of is the inclusion of cake and dogs. Then I remember that I had homemade cake at the in-house cafe yesterday and a dog came for a visit today.

2. Another doggy visitor – Maggie-dog from next door suddenly appears. She runs into the living room and jumps on the sofa to say hello, then is off again, back into the dining room and then upstairs to the bedroom and bathroom. When I finally get hold of her to take her back outside, her little strong tail bangs against my side.

3. The smells from the kitchen as John cooks us a curry. He tells me it’ll be “methi-y. Not meh-thi-y, but fenugreeky”.