1. We take a short break – me with a glass of squash, John with an ice lolly – and look out over the sunny garden.

2. I let some dead leaves flutter down and am given a meow in protest. Apparently Strange doesn’t like having things dropped on her head when she’s weeing in my flower bed.

2b. The pink flower is denser than I thought it would be: it looks fluffy and light but is actually a solid bloom.

3. Lily is asleep when John comes home. In days gone by, he wouldn’t have been able to get through the garden gate without her velcroing herself to his legs in excitement but today, he comes in, says hello standing over her then sits down — and she still sleeps. About ten minutes of chatter later, she wakes and sniffs the air: she starts to cross to the doorway before she turns and sees him on the sofa. She’s limping – the old lady’s fallen asleep on her leg again – but her tail wags like a puppy.