1. So many of the early interactions between the dog and cats were fraught with confusion – a wagging tail means one thing to one and the opposite to the others – but thankfully they quickly learnt there is overlap between Lily-dog’s desire to sniff the cats when they come and their desire to rub their scents on her.

2. The biggest dandelion tap roots I’ve ever seen – it’s beautiful that they’re out of the ground and hopefully won’t steal any more nutrients from my blueberry bush.

2b. The little girl and Lily see each other at the same time. Lily watches the girl play with the ball then I hear the girl run into the house and tell her grandma that there is a pretty doggy outside.

2c. It’s ever so cute when John comes to meet me at the allotment: today it’s on his way home from the office and he brings us ice lollies. He takes Lily for a run in the park while I clear up then we walk home together.


3. John has bought me some presents – well, the main two are to share (a bluray player and the three seasons of Game of Thrones boxset) but the third one is all mine. (It’s perfect because it’s nerdy but also something we joked about in passing a few weeks ago.)

4. Strange has a habit of cutting across into the dining room without saying hello but if we call to her, she comes back into the living room as the friendliest cat in the world.