1. The semi-skimmed milk is off so I have to have John’s whole milk on my cereal – it’s usually too rich for me but today, it hits the spot. I give Kaufman some too, which makes him a rather happy kitty.

2. It’s been fresher today but still, I have soaked up every cool breeze going.

3. I dither: I’m supposed to be preparing the whole bed for sowing but the soil is too hard, too clumped and I’m too hot. I could push through it but I’d resent it, then it hits me: I could just do a portion of it really well.

4. Dinner was supposed to be light but ends up being super flavourful: lemon-mustard chicken, stuffed peppers with anchovies & garlic, and parmesan-y courgette fritters. Yum!

5. Kaufman feels superbly soft. It must be all that whole milk he’s been drinking.