1. We have some paneer to use up so I make paneer bhurji for lunch – it’s sweet and delicious.

2. Lily is in a good mood all day – a smiley face, happy to dance and play.

2b. Strange is often grumpy in the mornings but today she’s sweet: presumably the rain meant she slept well overnight rather than being out on adventures.

2c. I try to teach Kaufman to sing like I used to do with Sili. It involves me singing a line like “I know a cat called Silicon and she says meow” then the cat meows. He manages it more successfully when I hold up a bottle of his beloved milk at the appropriate time.

2d. Every night since she first did it, Tilda has joined me on the sofa in the evening. It makes me coo with delight – a new habit.

3. I finish my book a few minutes before I’m ready to go to sleep. I’m too lazy to get out of bed to find another though so I re-read my favourite chapter again.