1. Stretched out on the bed in the morning, I finish reading ‘Various Pets Alive & Dead’ by Marina Lewycka. Perhaps it suffered from being read especially in such close proximity to one of my favourite books (‘Drop City’ by TC Boyle) but I found it … so-so. Little of interest happened in it, there were too many unnecessary coincidences, and I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters – especially not anyone connected with Serge’s storyline, bankers taking advantage of the 2008 crash. But, I discover at bedtime that it isn’t the characters’ profession that’s to blame for my dislike. As ‘Various Pets’ thematically followed ‘Drop City’, my next book (‘Capital’ by John Lanchester) is also set during the financial crisis, but I find its banker characters immediately compelling. I’m disappointed when I have to turn out the light.

2. I have cat company all day: Kaufman on my desk in the morning and Strange taking his place in the afternoon.

2b. Later, it’s Tilda (and an interesting Thinking Allowed podcast) that keep me company as I fold away the laundry mountain.

3. The flipped (Spanish) omelette, brown on the top.