0. The dog and cats sprawl across us. When it comes time to get up, I try John’s pointing trick but Lily just looks at me: I’m not the one that gets a result with that gesture.

1. I spot another primrose that’s made its home in our garden. I’m not sure where they’ve come from but they’re welcome – I always meant to put some in.

2. Spinning samples – the pleasure of the texel after cotton, the linen after ramie

2b. A row of little skeins

2c. Kaufman under his little blanket all afternoon

3. It’s nearly a month since they moved in and it’s changed from a shell of a house to a home.

3b. Lily’s feet are especially white after her shower: they didn’t look dirty exactly before, just not shiny white.

3c. As we get out of the car, we hear a call. The ginger cat just over the garden fence wants to make itself known.