1. It’s utterly silly, utterly impossible to explain to anyone who wasn’t there in the moment, but we do a bit that makes us laugh. We spend a lot of the day locked into our own worlds but when we surface, the moments we have together are so very precious. Sometimes, when we tell people that we spend all day every day together, people reply that they couldn’t handle that much time with their loved one – that they’d get on each others’ nerves – but we think we’re very lucky indeed.

2. I dig a hole for the hosta that is the perfect size. The plant slips out of the pot and into the hole disturbingly neatly.

3. We go to see David Sedaris in Bradford. Unlike last year, when we were so close to the front that he was almost swallowed by the podium, we’re at the back, on the corner of the dress circle but his personality fills the whole space.

3b. I suck the fruit pastilles: first the layer of hard sugar melts down, then the hard jelly softens and shrinks until all that is left is an aftertaste.

3c. There is a queue at the car park paypoint – two shows coming out at once according to the attendant – so we walk around the block in the evening sun. An arts festival is being prepared in the gardens around the town hall but the thing that catches our eye the most is the setting sun turning far off glass towers to bronze.