1. Kaufman demands cuddles from the both of us.

1b. Tilda keeps me company as I fold the laundry mountain. She likes it when I do chores in her favourite rooms.

2. The kitten runs at us as we walk by. It mews and rubs my legs with such confidence that I know it’ll be happy to have a pick up hug. For the second time in a week I find myself with a tiny kitty in my arms. #kittenbroody

3. Like yesterday, I enjoy the rain when it starts. I hold my head back and let it splash on my face before beating a retreat into the shed.

3b. The rain slows to a stop just as I’m getting bored (and uncomfortable).

3c. More tubs full of fruit. Today’s strawberries fill one of my big mixing bowls and I fill three freezer boxes with berries and currants – I’ll make jam and cordial when the weather properly breaks.