1. We’d gone thinking it would be one event (a food deli with a dozen or so stalls) but actually it was something else – thousands of people and entertainment across the whole grounds. We’d very much have preferred the former but a few good things still: there was no charge for either car parking or entry; the vivid purple of the musicians’ clothes; the always beautiful ancient abbey in the sunshine.

1b. The car park attendant dances his actions.

2. I send them home with armfuls of crops from the plot. In addition to the usual fruit, they take lettuce and a courgette. Mum worries about taking our first courgette but I point to the numerous others on that plant alone: we will not be short of courgettes this year.

3. The broad beans float then sink then float again. Afterwards I fry them with garlic and onions, and for the last minute, throw in some tiny cherry tomatoes too. The colours and symbolism are both marvellous.