1. I’m half asleep – more than half really – but I drag myself into consciousness as a towel is placed on my chest and a tub of breakfast curry placed in my hands. It’s just about the only day of the year when we eat breakfast in bed and I get a little turmeric-stained oil on the duvet, but sssh, don’t tell Louisa.

2. Our neighbour drops around a little present for feeding her cat for the last few weeks: a little coin purse made from can ring pulls. It’s a perfectly me thing.

3. Our other neighbour laughs when we tell him we’re off for a “cheeky Moody Cow” in the hour and half before I’m due at a meeting with him.

3b. R-kitten really wants to nibble my fingers and M-dog jumps on my knee when her dad steps up to do his presentation.

3c. I phone my mum with the express purpose of letting her serenade me, then I joke about hanging up as soon as she starts singing.