1. The muggy weather leaves me feeling awful – I can do little other than slump on the sofa. I feel so much better when it finally rains.

1b. John hands me an umbrella for the short dash to the door.

2. They go off on one so we take charge and decide what we’re having.

2b. The gelato delivery is late and a little melted when it arrives but, you know, it’s still gelato delivered to our door at 11pm at night, so it’s still pretty awesome.

2c. We try a new game – one based on the X Files. We’re all confused to start with – the instructions are long and not always clear – but once we learn the basics, we enjoy the scheming and game play mechanics. (It also gives me hope that we might return to another couple of games we previously abandoned for being too complicated.)

3. The fox stands in the road looking at us, then takes off towards the grassy bank.