1. An ebay purchase – a small piece of Greenlandic Inuit folk art from around 1940 – arrives. On the face of it, it looks almost crudely painted but looking closer, I enjoy the use of tones and shades on the clothing – it adds warmth and depth.

2. To avoid creating a glut of hard-to-use homespun yarn, a few months ago I decided to only spin for specific project. Today though, that goes out of the window: I just fancy doing some spinning. I take find some Corriedale in mulberry, and another bag in grey, and on a whim, grab a bag of Ramie tops as well to add a bit of lightness and shine. My first rolag is roughly blended and produces a short sample of a lovely art yarn. I want to make more of it.

2b. On our dog walk, John is amused to hear that I’ve been spinning – the contrast between me practising a skill that humans have been using for 20,000 years and him working on some bleeding edge technology. He adds that he knows which one will still be used in five years time.

3. As we walk down the woodland path, I do one of the goofiest dances I’ve ever done to celebrate the meal we’re about to have. Behind me, I hear the swoosh of a bike tyre and turn to see a cyclist approaching – a cyclist with a camera on their head. So my awesome dance was not only witnessed but recorded. After he passes, I started dancing again – the food is good enough to be worth the humiliation.

3b. The first mouthful of the delicious steak. Later, warm popcorn while we watch the film.