Another wobbly-head day for Lily. Poor lady.

1. It’s the WordPress theme that keeps on giving. After years (and more recently, this morning) of struggling with ones that don’t quite do what I want, this one works exactly as it should. I keep finding different – highly desirable! – included features that means my “fix in stylesheet” list gets shorter and shorter. Something I thought would be a month of work will now take less than a week. Marvellous.

2. I see Tilda approaching along the wood path with something in her mouth. When she finally reaches the cat flap, I see it’s a small dead rodent. I hold the flap closed until she drops it, then I let her inside for the tickles I know she wants.

2b. Later, Tilda is sat on the sofa, again waiting for tickles. In a shocking turn of events, there isn’t a blanket for her to sit on. I remedy that.

3. At twilight, the sky is a wonderfully bright violet-blue.

4. As wobbly as Lily is – she can hardly walk and her eyes are spinning, she still wants to play her Bonio game. I “hide” it in pretty much plain sight tucked half under a cushion on the floor. Her tail wags, sending her off balance, when she finds it.

4b. Also as wobbly as she is, she still has to sniff Kaufman when he comes in from outside. He smells of THINGS.