1. On the third week of my zine making workshop, we learn about letterpress. We enjoy the physicality of wooden blocks, savour the strange specialist vocabulary and marvel at the unbelievable amount of effort that it took to typeset newspapers and books in the past. The prints that we make are warm, characterful and unique.

1b. We laugh at the grimaces we pulled concentrating hard on our belly dancing moves.

2. Z draws us a picture of Lily while M and I talk about how sweet and gentle of a dog she was while we colour.

2b. The clouds zip across the moon. It looks amazing, dramatic. I tell John to look at it but he’s busy and says he’ll look in a moment, that it’s not going anywhere – but then a thick black cloud covers it, blotting out the light. I laugh at the timing.

3. The laser pointer makes ovals and rounded triangles on the wall. They remind me of pebbles.

3b. We have an impromptu YouTube party and laugh and laugh.