1. While I’m still asleep, John goes to the new pop up bakery in Saltaire and brings back bread, pies and cakes. He discovers that it’s run by the same people as used to run the bakery in the back of the health food store in Shipley – ie, the people that make the best chocolate brownies in the world. Later, when I open the paper, I worry that they’ve lost their special brownie tray (which they claim is the secret to their success) as it looks dry – but when I bite into it, I realise it’s as perfect as ever: the dry “crust” is less than a millimetre thick – just enough to hold the slice together – and inside, it’s rich and almost impossibly moist.

2. Laughing our way around the garden centre. John makes lots of bad puns about trees but his – and my – favourite joke is one that calls back to a cartoon we watched earlier in the week. He is left almost breathless amongst the fuchsias as he laughs and laughs.

2b. I buy more plants than I intended – and arguably, a few more than I need. I only have time to plant out half of them before I have to finish for the evening, but already they’ve fill in the deadspots in the pots on the patio.

2c. I plant the bright green sedum in our old black colander.

3. N-cat is getting braver as predicted. He rubs legs, accepts tickles and eyes up John’s pizza from the arm of the chair.

3b. O’s genuine enjoyment of Eurovision allows the rest of us to make fun of it.