ginger and honey biscuits

I’ve been in a bit of a biscuit making phase recently – something I’ve not really done before because the effort has seemed like it was out of proportion with the end product. Then I found a really simple and quick recipe for cinnamon biscuits and made a batch for John in November, and after that a (probably short-lived) obsession was born.

I kinda use recipes and knitting/crochet/sewing patterns as a vague guide – something to give me a rough idea to riff off rather than something follow slavish. I also don’t usually measure stuff out when I’m cooking so the recipe details are estimates based on the original recipe I used for the cinnamon ones.

I made this set of biscuits to take around to enjoy during a night of gaming with Dathan and Gianni. The dough was perhaps the best yet and they stayed in nice cute rounds. They’re crunchy not soft but YUM.

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