Four beautiful things from over the weekend

1. We’re talking about the different personalities of her three dogs and she tells us that Jack is a bit of a clown. As soon as she says it, he stops his frantic exploring and looks at her with a super serious, hurt expression on his face. Perfect comedy timing from the canine.

2. The fish falls apart with the slightest touch; bright white flakes amongst the rich spicy crust.

3. Even though the screen tells me that it’s due, it’s still a joy when the bus suddenly appears.

4. On the bus, I’m reading a sad story about a cat (the bit about Neil in David Sedaris’ ‘Youth In Asia’ essay) when I hear a meow. At first I think I’ve imagined it since I’m prone to auditory hallucinations of that nature but looking around, I spy a ginger cat in a cat basket across the aisle. She meows again then curls up in a ball.

3BT – wide awake, sleepy, somewhere else for a moment

1. Despite promises that he’d go to sleep if I walked around the block, Joe wide-eyed stares with a concerned look on his face, wondering why he’s being pushed around by a strange fuzzy lady. Then, about ten minutes in, he realises I’m cool and is all smiles for the rest of the walk. When we return to our starting point to wait for the end of his mum’s appointment, I throw milk over the both of us. I think he’s rather glad when his mum reappears to wipe us off.

2. Heads nod rhythmically by the time we hit Rodley. The air on the bus is stifling, coma-inducing but the traffic is on our side and we sail through Calverley with barely a pause. Stepping out onto the pavement reminds me of the plunge pool at the Turkish baths.

3. Caius accidentally knocks over the heater in the office. The bang jolts us all for a few seconds. Later, at home, the tongs snap apart as I’m loading the stove and I’m jolted again. Our brains are frighteningly unaccustomed to the out of the ordinary.