1. We’re talking about the different personalities of her three dogs and she tells us that Jack is a bit of a clown. As soon as she says it, he stops his frantic exploring and looks at her with a super serious, hurt expression on his face. Perfect comedy timing from the canine.

2. The fish falls apart with the slightest touch; bright white flakes amongst the rich spicy crust.

3. Even though the screen tells me that it’s due, it’s still a joy when the bus suddenly appears.

4. On the bus, I’m reading a sad story about a cat (the bit about Neil in David Sedaris’ ‘Youth In Asia’ essay) when I hear a meow. At first I think I’ve imagined it since I’m prone to auditory hallucinations of that nature but looking around, I spy a ginger cat in a cat basket across the aisle. She meows again then curls up in a ball.