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3BT – saucy, fun by design, good night

1. I add the tomato ketchup to the sandwich but it keeps slipping off onto my fingers. Lick, lick, lick.

2. I finish my day working on a design/DTP project. It’s a while since I’ve done any work in Inkscape and it’s a lot of fun. The event the work is for should be a lot of fun too.

3. I take a decaff Earl Grey and a Wispa to bed with me. It’s decadent but delicious.

Four beautiful things from over the weekend

1. We’re talking about the different personalities of her three dogs and she tells us that Jack is a bit of a clown. As soon as she says it, he stops his frantic exploring and looks at her with a super serious, hurt expression on his face. Perfect comedy timing from the canine.

2. The fish falls apart with the slightest touch; bright white flakes amongst the rich spicy crust.

3. Even though the screen tells me that it’s due, it’s still a joy when the bus suddenly appears.

4. On the bus, I’m reading a sad story about a cat (the bit about Neil in David Sedaris’ ‘Youth In Asia’ essay) when I hear a meow. At first I think I’ve imagined it since I’m prone to auditory hallucinations of that nature but looking around, I spy a ginger cat in a cat basket across the aisle. She meows again then curls up in a ball.

3BT – too tight, warm, discussion and snow

carla-sunshine0. (From last night) I always cast on too tightly, making the first row of knitting on circular needles a right pain in the arse. By comparison, the second row at the correct tension is a joy and I happily, mindlessly, knit two, purl two until the item is finished.

1. After nearly a decade in a north-facing house, the cats love that the bedroom and living room in the new house are sunny in the mornings. Even in December, the sun streaming through the window is warm enough to make them toasty to the touch. We make sure there are comfortable places to sit to make up for their years of gloominess.

2. After a lunch of manchego cheese and Iberico ham (again, our holiday lives on in the food we carried back with us), we discuss genes and memes, fire and water.

3. John’s ill so we decided on comfort food for tea: fish and chips from the great place at the end of the road. The vinegar sizzles as it hits the straight-from-the-fryer fish and the woman serving remarks that she somehow got some salt in her mouth. We joke about how she must have been throwing it everywhere for that to happen, and she adds: “I’m pretending it’s snowing. I can’t wait until it’s snowing.”