I’m about to get a new work email address. It’ll be very similar to my current one just 10 characters shorter. Presuming the average word length is 5 letters, these characters equal a full 2 words and as I type around 50 words per minute, it means I will save 1.6r seconds when I type my new email address in the future.

As a pretty much completely random estimate, I reckon I type my email address about 10 times per working day for one reason or another so saving this 1.6r seconds each time, I’ll profit an extra 16.6r seconds per day. Multiply this over the year (20 working days a month, 12 months a year) and I’ll have a whopping 4000 seconds per year going spare. That’s somewhere around one hour and seven minutes to use as I please.

I’ll probably just waste it doing pointless calculations though.