i am writing this entry using a program called dasher it is a program that lets you write by only moving the mouse a little bit or using an eyetracker if you cant use a mouse so is useful for people that have problems using a keyboard

i dont know how to do punctuation yet but aside from that it is pretty easy to learn as long as you know your alphabet

my main problem is remembering to put spaces in if it doesnt do it for me oh and the punctuation is a big problem i like talking in parenthesis and these double spaces dont really do the job but i imagine james joyce could have a lot of fun with it

its a great idea though and lots of fun you should try it out


  1. Damn, I’ve just learnt that, not only does my version of Dasher support all sorts of languages, it has an option of English with both upper case letters AND punctuation – which just goes to show how important it is to research sujects thoroughly before you post blog entries about them…

  2. “…suBjects…”

    and that goes to show how you should proofread comments of blogs more carefully before posting them…

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